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Our Executive Search service is focused on recruiting seasoned professionals with outstanding track records. Through the years, we have built up a proprietary database of large number of top-notch executives in banking and finance, information technology, telecom, manufacturing and commercial sectors, offering our clients a best choice of candidates. We begin each new assignment with a rigorous analysis of the client. We will then compile a list of prospects with the right qualifications and validated competencies. Before presenting candidates to the client, we will conduct intensive face-to-face interview with each interested individual.
We work side by side with our clients, often in the very early stage of staffing planning to identify the values, business goals and corporate cultures, thereby ensuring candidates precisely match the organization's needs.

By leveraging the company's extensive proprietary candidate database, coupled with their own established intimate network of relationships, our consultants are able to locate potential candidates who are always "on point" with a client's specifications and fit cultural environments. Wallstone has built and sustained excellent track record in delivering the "best-fit" candidates in key positions. Our commitment in maintaining the highest standards of ethics and confidentiality has won us firm trust of clients.



Contract Staffing Service offers an option for our clients to realize their strategic plans. Contract staffing may be used to develop the skills of existing staff or to resource projects needing specialist skills.
Contract staffs are under the payroll of Wallstone. Our clients are thus relieved of the tedious and costly overheads in administration, whilst capitalizing on the flexibility in formation of project teams, drawing expertise in different areas together for specific missions, based entirely on its desired work rate, skill and experience.

The contract staffing period also offers a low-risk opportunity for our clients to evaluate the ability and competency of the candidate before committing to take on him/her as permanent staff.
Wallstone will assist the hiring company throughout the recruitment process of contract staff, from selection of candidates to interview and appointment documents. Since these contract staff are on the payroll of Wallstone, we will also take care of all issues of personnel administration. We will administer payroll, liaise with insurance companies and tax authorities, and support the clients in communicating with employees (payment advice etc.) This will help save HR costs and add value to clients' daily operation.

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